Calgary mall implements IoT waste system

Sunridge Shopping Centre

RICHMOND, British Columbia – RecycleSmart has rolled out a 360-degree waste and recycling plan for Calgary’s Sunridge Shopping Centre. Sunridge is located in Northeast Calgary and is operated by Primaris Management.

RecycleSmart’s Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solution helps the retail business comply with the City mandate to produce a cleaner, more sustainable food court waste diversion system. As part of the solution, RecycleSmart also manages waste streams generated in the mall more efficiently through mixing relevant materials together.

“We’re pleased to have helped Sunridge achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals,” says Graeme Dobinson, managing partner of RecycleSmart. “We look forward to continuously creating value for Sunridge.”

“RecycleSmart is a like-minded sustainability partner that we are proud to work with,” says Troy Stoushnow, operations manager at Sunridge. “With their program, we were able to increase waste diverted from landfills to over 80% per cent in less than a year, in the process becoming more environmentally responsible.”

Sunridge is a great example of using cost savings from efficiency to fund an enhanced recycling program. RecycleSmart was able to reduce overall waste costs by 40 per cent and reinvest the savings into the food court waste diversion program. Sunridge will benefit from a 13 per cent in overall operational cost reduction, averaging $14,000 per year while increasing the waste diversion rate to 80 per cent.