First computer recycling facility in Alberta opens for business

MAXUS Technology Inc. recently announced the opening of its e-waste recycling facility in Rimbey, Alberta on September 25, 2002. E-waste is the term used for all electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life. The lead and mercury found in such products can pose a serious contamination risk to ground water and soil. Currently there are no laws banning the land filling of such material in Alberta.

According to Shelley Whatmore, president of MAXUS, once fully operational, the facility will process over five million pounds of e-waste annually and employ over 120 people.

Alberta Minister of the Environment Dr. Lorne Taylor and Alberta Minister of International and Intergovernmental Affairs Halvar Jonson are expected to attend the grand opening.

For more information, contact Clayton Miller at 403-255-3211.

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