Guelph wet-dry program enters third phase

Phase Three of the Wet-Dry+ (Wet-Dry Plus) program officially began on April 21, 2003. During Phase Three, improperly sorted waste will no longer be collected at curbside on collection day. However, residents can continue to call the Wet-Dry Plus information line with questions and continue to request a curbside advisor come to their home for assistance.

The current system is a three-sort, all-bag system in which wet compostable materials are kept separate from dry recyclables and both are bagged. Residents place non-compostable and non-recyclable materials in a third bag.

Some reports say that the city has been challenged to achieve a smooth implementation due the decision to have collectors leave behind bags of materials not properly sorted. With an initial compliance of about 60 per cent, numerous bags remained on the curb for days. The city continues to educate residents about the wet-dry system.

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