International Compost Workshop, Germany

The 4th International Workshop of the European Compost Network (ECN) “Effective Compost Marketing and Application in Practice” will be held on 24th and 25th of June 2004 in Cologne/Germany.

This workshop covers the main markets for compost and digestion residuals made of separately collected organic residues form households, gardens and parks. Marketing instruments, marketing campaigns and different materials for public relations work are circumstantially presented by experts from all over Europe. Specifications of the product compost for the various application ranges are explained. The participants of the workshop will obtain in addition comprehensive information about co-operation possibilities in compost marketing and sales.

The Marketing Workshop includes the following sessions:

1. Marketing basics with market introduction and marketing tools;
2. Target groups and market sectors;
3. Specifications and mixture formulas for compost products;
4. Requirements of the various application ranges;
5. Organisation and promotion of compost sales;
6. Compost campaigns and image strategies;
7. Success stories.

Interesting examples from all over Europe will be demonstrated in a large accompanying poster exhibition and a study tour at the June 26th.

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