Midpoint International helps to green the Pentagon

Midpoint International Inc. of Aurora, Ontario recently announced the acquisition of a prestigious new client, The Pentagon. The Pentagon is currently the largest office building in the world. Helping to implement an effective and highly visible recycling program in such a large facility is no small task. The building is 8.1 million square feet with over 17 miles of corridors, which accommodates over 25,500 employees with visitors and dignitaries surpassing 60,000 people per day.

Midpoint’s Recycling Cabinets — which are made from 100 per cent recycled content — combine esthetics and high quality graphics that provide for the proper identification and collection of recyclables. The clearly identified individual compartments virtually reduce the crossover contamination of waste and recyclables.

In addition, Midpoint International was one of 20 companies and the only Canadian firm invited to participate in the 2003 Earth Day Celebrations inside the Pentagon. To commemorate the event, Midpoint commissioned a one-of-a-kind birdhouse in the shape of the Pentagon made from 100 per cent recycled milk jugs. The Purple Martin Pentagon Birdhouse was a hit, as it is a symbol of recycling and also a practical way to reduce the mosquito population in the Pentagon courtyard.

For further information, contact Bruce Buchan at 905-726-9658 or bruceb@midpoint-int.com