Peel Region endorses hauling & disposal contract

Peel’s Regional Council recently voted to endorse a five-year contract with Wilson Logistics Inc. and Republic Services Inc. to haul and dispose of the Region’s municipal waste at Carleton Farms Landfill in Wayne County, Michigan. The contract begins July 1, 2002. The Region expects to dispose of approximately 112,000 tonnes of waste in the first year.
Britannia Sanitary Landfill, Peel’s primary landfill, is reaching its full capacity and is expected to close in June 2002. The Region will ship any waste that cannot be accommodated at KMS Peel Inc., Peel’s energy-from-waste facility, and the Caledon Sanitary Landfill.
According to Public Works Commissioner Mitch Zamojc, this is a short-term solution to handle the disposal of waste and the Region is working to identify new waste diversion strategies. In addition to its recycling and composting programs, the Region launched a garbage limit for residential waste collection starting June 2001. The "Three Bag Standard Program" asks residents to place tags on more than three garbage bags or containers each week.
For more information, call WASTELINE at 905-791-9499.