Toronto gets tough on litterbugs

The City of Toronto is launching a comprehensive campaign to curb street trash by getting tough on litterbugs. Under the "Don’t Trash Toronto" campaign, which was launched on May 8, 2003, the city is planning to clean up the city this summer and penalize polluters.

The campaign includes: an advertising promotion in June to raise awareness about responsible waste disposal methods; a more efficient reworking of the collection schedule for litter pickers and litter vacuums; extended summer pickup hours; one thousand new waste bins; and, the addition of nine bylaw enforcement officers. Also along the lines of tougher litter control, there will be an enforcement blitz launched in mid-May with a request of Justices of the Peace to more strictly enforce the $130 fine provision of the city-littering bylaw.

The city currently spends about 90 per cent of its $16-million street waste budget dealing with ground litter (some of that is offset by advertising revenue from the large metal bins, which earned the city about $500,000 last year). The Toronto Board of Trade and the Toronto Association of Business improvement Areas (TABIA) are two of the several corporate bodies supporting this campaign.

For further information, call 416-39-CLEAN