Used-oil plan rejected in Ontario

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) has rejected the Used Oil Program Plan prepared by the Ontario Used Oil Management Association (OUOMA) and as a result, will not meet the March 31st deadline to submit a plan to the minister of the environment. WDO did not approve the plan due to a number of issues and concerns related to the statistical foundation of the plan in respect to used oil recovery and the financial incentive provisions of the plan relative to six (6) RI zones and payments to used oil collectors.

Fundamental issues also arose regarding the plan provisions that would permit controlled burning of used oil and restrictions in the Waste Diversion Act. The WDO has requested a 90-day additional time period during which WDO will spearhead an attempt to redefine OUOMA’s plan provisions and resolve outstanding issues and concerns.

The Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) will be an integral party in the ongoing efforts to modify and redefine plan provisions. OWMA will participate in a group directed to address the definition of "burning" and the use of used oil as fuel. It will also participate in the establishment of accepted statistics related to used oil collection, return incentive zones and return incentive amounts.

Many aspects of the flawed approach to used oil recovery contained in the OUOMA plan were identified and highlighted as a result of OWMA commissioning and preparing a detailed report on current used oil recovery derived from the ministry’s manifest database. The OWMA statistical analysis revealed a high level of current used oil recovery (78 per cent) and provided the statistical basis to question the proposed RI zones and RI payments. OWMA remains very concerned with the potential impact of the used oil plan on OWMA members and the private sector used-oil management industry that has existed in Ontario for many years.

This information is adapted from the Ontario Waste Management Association’s “Wastenotes” newsletter. Contact OWMA at 905-791-9500 or