Yukon initiates program to recover and recycle scrap tires

A new program to rid Yukon Territory of abandoned rubber tires started on July 21, 2003. Environment Minister Jim Kenyon says the government is responding to requests from tire retailers, recycling centres, communities and environmental groups.

The new program will place a $5 surcharge on all new tires with rim sizes less than 24.5 inches sold in the territory. The surcharge will create a recycling fund to pay for the collection and removal of the tires.

Current plans call for the tires to be shipped to Edmonton or disposed to landfill, where they take up valuable space. Abandoned tires are fire hazards and breed mosquito risks. A recent survey of retailers determined that approximately 35,000 and 20,000 tires are sold in the Yukon annually.

For further information, contact Dennis Senger at 867-667-5237 or dennis.senger@gov.yk.ca