Ecogensus wins European patent

HARTFORD, Conn., Ecogensus, LLC is receiving a patent in Europe for its process of converting solid wastes into fuel. The European Patent Office’s issued a notice that it intends to grant a patent for the company’s European Patent Application No. 15 854 145.8.

The new European patent covers the foundational process for conversion of solid wastes into a fuel, a process which enables diversion from waste from landfills and displacement of coal with Ecogensus’s waste-derived fuel.

Ecogensus systems convert mixed solid wastes, including plastic waste, into a high energy fuel that can directly replace coal. Ecogensus’ flagship system is the Model EGS-5000L, a rugged, transportable waste conversion system designed for deployment and installation at transfer stations, recycling centres, or directly at the landfill.

Ecogensus has a full suite of patents granted in the United States as well as countries in Asia and South America in the areas of waste recycling and resource recovery (“waste-to-value”).

“We are very pleased with this new addition to our patent portfolio in the waste-to-value space,” commented Bjørnulf Østvik, Ecogensus’ CEO and CTO.

“Our process enables greater sustainability in waste management, is a key part of the solution for dealing with plastic waste in oceans, and enables a quicker and more economical way to displace coal in existing power plants. This new notice of allowance from the EPO broadens the growing global patent protection of our waste processing solutions.”